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M3 Wealth (Moneywise)
Map, Measure, Mentor! (Life Debt Free, Pay Cash, Enjoy Life!)
MONEYWISE (The premier Financial Wellness System for your employees!)
M3 Wealth is a Financial Services Company headquartered in Idaho Falls, Idaho. The Moneywise financial system offers your employees a web based debt elimination tool, budegeting tools, a online Financial Education Center, access to experienced financial professionals, and monthly financial reminders promoting ‘financial wellness”, all for the low monthly price of $3.99 a month per employee!  Employers become Moneywise EAB's (endorsed area businesses) by sponsoring their employees! This sponsorship provides exclusive access  to our business directory for the first business signed up in each business catagory! These EAB's are then plugged into a thriving network of local businesses, they are highlighted on the Moneywise Website (, and they market specials to the employees of our EAB's and other business partners. Many of our clients include large corporations who utilize only the "financial wellness" portion of this program. However, Moneywise helps employees and owner/managers to overcome common financial challenges and the weakness of human behavior! 

National statistics show; 33% of all employees are unhappy, 52% have more than one job, 63% are currently looking for another job, and employees waste an average of 22% of their day on non-work related issues. In fact, 
83% of HR Managers say finances have a major impact on employee performance.

Common employee issues; overburdened by debt, living paycheck to paycheck, unsure about their future, do not know where to turn for help, don't believe they will EVER retire, can't afford financial advice! The average person switches jobs every 4.4 years and has less than $10,000 in savings bu age 52. Over 21% of 75 year olds still have mortgages! Our society and our world is over run by debt and most are floundering. 

Common employer issues; the expense of hiring and training employees, touting the unique advantages of a 401K/Retirement Plan and Insurance Benefits, keeping employees happy and motivated, providing employees with something unique or different to improve retention and loyalty. Happy employees are less likely to make waves, they do not litigate, they innovate and contribute, and they are satisfied and motivated. This translates into savings, growth and increased profits for most companies!
The answer is Simple! MONEYWISE!!
(Live Debt Free, Pay Cash, and Enjoy Life!)

We just need to find a way to customize annd implement this affordable and creative "Employee Wellness" Program, so you and your employees can get the most benefit from it! Please call us today to schedule a brief and comprehensive 30 minute consultation at (208) 542-1010.

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      1) Get 3 months of Moneywise FREE when your employees sign up within 10 days of the initial enrollment               meeting!
      2) Get an additional 3 months FREE when you complete and submit a budget to moneywise or call a     
          Moneywise guide for personal assistance within 30 days of the initial enrollment meeting!

The Moneywise Financial Wellness System is the key to living debt free and enjoying life! 

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